Coffee Roasters Scotland and our sister brand RamBeans have the aim to create an all inclusive website brand that allows our potential and current customers to buy the highest quality ethically sourced Coffee Beans Scotland. 

We strive to produce the best quality single origin and blended coffee beans that can be used at your home or business. The main concept of our online store is to allow you the consumer to easily and securely purchase our coffee directly to your door step. 

For our wholesale commercial customers we provide your business with bespoke packages that are tailored to your business requirements. 




Raymond, our head roaster, began his dream of entering the coffee industry by establishing his own micro batch coffee roasting business, which we now know as RamBeans.

His coffee obsession began during a trip to Australia, specifically Melbourne and Sydney. The love affair began when I was given free reign on a commercial coffee machine and used Gravity Espresso coffee.


Fast forward nine years and here we are, a new and exciting business has begun in Coffee Roasters Scotland. Our main aim is to provide ethically sourced high quality coffee beans Scotland.

With an exciting business comes an exciting new partnership working along side a long term friend Marc.

Marc brings a wealth of knowledge in multiple fields from graphic design/web design to hospitality and marketing and currently runs Elite Pixel web design company.

The last nine years have been an incredible journey, which is only about to really begin.


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