Brazil Santos – Green Bean

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Brazil Santos – Green Beans

Estate: Various Santos
Variety: Bourbon, Cattura
Grade: SCR 17/18
Certification: Rain Forrest Alliance
Processing: Dry Processed

Green Beans by Coffee Roasters Scotland this Single Origin Coffee has a nutty sweet flavour with chocolatey notes and low acidity. We recommend a medium roast.

Brazil is the world’s largest and most complex coffee grower, producing anything from mass-produced coffees that are among the cheapest in the world to beautiful coffees that are considered as the world’s finest origins for espresso brewing. Santos Coffee from Brazil is undoubtedly one of the most widely available ‘generic’ coffees in the world.

Small-holders plant around 85% of the coffee, producing between 250 and 100 kg of parchment coffee in a single harvest period from May to July. While Brazil is a prolific exporter, it’s average elevation for coffee production is only about 1,100 meters.

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Green Beans

Green Beans