Coffee Roasters Edinburgh – The Process

Coffee Roasters Edinburgh- Coffee Roasters Scotland, the process

Introduction to Coffee Roasters Edinburgh:

Coffee roasting is an intricate process that begins long before the beans ever reach the roasting machine. The journey of crafting the perfect cup of coffee starts with the essential step of harvesting coffee beans. In the enchanting city of Edinburgh, where coffee culture thrives, the art of coffee bean harvesting holds a special place in the hearts of passionate coffee roasters. Let’s delve into the fascinating process of harvesting coffee and its significance in the world of specialty coffee in Edinburgh.

1. Understanding the Coffee Plant:
The coffee plant, also known as Coffea, is a tropical evergreen shrub that bears coffee cherries. These cherries contain the precious coffee beans, and each variety of coffee plant presents unique flavors, aromas, and growing conditions. Edinburgh’s coffee roasters often select coffee plants with the utmost care, ensuring that the beans they harvest will result in extraordinary coffee experiences for their customers.

2. Selective Picking for Quality:
Harvesting coffee is a delicate task, often carried out by skilled hands. The process of selective picking involves only harvesting the ripest coffee cherries from the branches, leaving unripe or overripe cherries on the plant. This meticulous approach guarantees the highest quality beans for roasting. In Edinburgh, coffee roasters take great pride in their commitment to ethical and sustainable harvesting practices, supporting local farmers and communities.

3. The Picking Season:
Coffee plants typically have one primary harvesting season each year. The timing varies depending on the coffee-growing region’s climate and altitude. Some regions experience a single harvest, while others may have multiple harvests. In Edinburgh, roasters eagerly await the arrival of freshly harvested beans, as it marks the beginning of a new season of unique coffee flavors and blends.

4. Two Primary Coffee Harvesting Methods:
(a) Strip Picking: This method involves stripping all the coffee cherries from the branches simultaneously, regardless of their ripeness. It is a quicker and more cost-effective approach but often yields lower-quality beans, making it less common among specialty coffee roasters in Edinburgh.

(b) Selective Hand Picking: As the preferred method for specialty coffee, selective hand picking ensures that only the ripest cherries are harvested. This manual approach demands skilled labor but results in coffee beans of exceptional quality, captivating coffee enthusiasts in Edinburgh with rich and diverse flavor profiles.

5. Sorting and Processing:
After the coffee cherries are picked, they undergo sorting to separate any defective or underripe beans. The next step is processing, which involves removing the outer layers of the cherry to reveal the coffee beans. The two primary processing methods are washed (wet) processing and natural (dry) processing, each contributing distinct characteristics to the final cup.

In the world of coffee roasters in Edinburgh, the process of harvesting coffee is more than just a step; it’s an art form that influences the entire coffee experience. From meticulously selecting the ripest cherries to supporting sustainable and ethical practices, Edinburgh’s coffee roasters cherish the journey from farm to cup. So, the next time you sip on your favorite cup of coffee from one of Edinburgh’s renowned coffee roasters, take a moment to appreciate the passion and dedication poured into each bean, starting from the very moment of harvesting.

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