House Blend

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Coffee Roasters Scotland – House Blend

Origin; Brazil/Indian/Vietnamese

Process; Natural/Monsoon

Tasting Notes; Honey, Berries, Chocolate.

Introducing the Coffee Roasters Scotland – House Blend a meticulously curated combination of the finest Brazilian and Indian single-origin Arabica beans, complemented by Vietnamese Robusta beans.

This exceptional blend is a testament to the artistry and dedication of our roasters, who have carefully selected each bean to create a harmonious and complex flavour profile.

The Brazilian Arabica beans bring forth a smooth and velvety texture, with subtle notes of caramel and chocolate that dance on the palate. Meanwhile, the Indian Arabica beans add depth and richness, infusing the blend with hints of spice and a delightful earthy undertone. Finally, the Vietnamese Robusta beans provide a bold and robust character, contributing a distinctively deep flavor and a lingering finish. Together, these premium beans come together to create Coffee Roasters Scotland’s House Blend—a coffee that embodies sophistication, balance, and depth, promising a truly memorable and satisfying coffee experience with every sip.

Roasted by us Coffee Roasters Scotland to a medium roast.


House Blend
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