Trio Pack


Coffee Roasters Scotland – The Trio Pack

Consisting of a mixture of the G78, Signature & Smugglers blend, this pack is real hit!

Velvety smooth, with low acidity, deep flavours of chocolate, it is perfect for an espresso based coffee for our G78 blend.

Full bodied, with a subtle hint of smokey tobacco for our Smugglers blend, our signature is a pure delight.



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Coffee Roasters Scotland – The Trio Pack

Roasted by us Coffee Roasters Scotland a selection of our beans, this pack contains both our G78, Signature & Smugglers blend.

Pack contents: 500g G78 Blend, 500g Signature & 500g Smugglers Blend.



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All our coffee is fully traceable and ethically sourced and provided by Small Batch Roasting Supplies.

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