Indonesian Old Brown Java – Green Bean

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Indonesian Old Brown Java – Green Beans

Estate: Various
Grade: Aged, 6 years
Certification: Conventional
Processing: Wet Processed

Green Coffee beans from Coffee Roasters Scotland, this Single Origin coffee has dry earthy and deep savoury spicy notes. Heavy bodied with a long smoky finish. Musty tobacco aromas. We recommend a dark roast. 

Old Brown Java coffee comes from the Indonesian island of Java, which lies between Sumatra and Bali. A interesting narrative, with its unique ageing process found in the 16th century, when the Dutch first introduced coffee seedlings to the area. The uncooked beans would be stowed in the hold of the spice ships as ballast while they returned to Europe with their cargo.

After several months at sea, the result was a powerful, full-bodied Single Origin bean with an extraordinary earthiness of flavour and a hint of tobacco aroma’s. The aging process transforms the colour of the bean from green to brown.


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Green Beans

Green Beans