Meeting Josh, part-owner of Brose Oat Milk.

Glasgow Coffee Festival.

Back on May 8th of this year, we (Coffee Roasters Scotland) attend the Glasgow Coffee Festival as nothing more than passionate coffee enthusiasts!

During our visits we spoke to people from all backgrounds and businesses, but one really stayed with us. This was Josh, part-owner of a dairy alternative company named Brose Oats.

Brose Oats is a Scottish based, East Lothian to be precise, Oat Milk company. Brose Mission statement is: “it is delicious products using locally grown Scottish Oats that are healthy, nutritious, good for the environment and good for Scotland.

We use only the highest quality Scottish-grown oats. When it comes to harvest, we will let the Scottish sunshine ripen our precious oats. All our oats are milled in dedicated mills in Scotland to our own specification.”

Dairy Alternatives?

Here at Coffee Roasters Scotland, we are strong believers that if a product is good for the environment, it is good for us and you!

Back in 2020, we ran a dairy alternative’s campaign on our RamBeans social media pages to highlight some of the best alternatives on the market. We tried and tested some Oat, Plant based, Pea Protein and Nut based dairy alternatives.

Our favourite was Milkadamia’s Macadamia milk. A product when drank on its own, reminded us of our youth with the White Chocolate Milky bar. So you can imagine how a coffee tasted using this?

At this point we were not aware of Brose. Brose we feel is the best Oat Milk available on the market today, which is a real show stopper, packaged in a glass bottle with a Barista and Original editions. We feel it is a product we should be shouting about, as its a Scottish based product, focussing on Oat Milk.

Good luck Josh and Brose on your funding request for your upgrades!


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