The Creation of our G78 blend.

Wholesale Coffee Blends Scotland

Wholesale Coffee Blends Scotland.

Here we discuss the creation of our G78 Blend.

Myself and Marc, two local lads from ‘up the hill and down the hill’, that is Neilston and Barrhead. We have drank enough flat whites in the area, decided to tap into our locality and produce our own ‘G78 Blend.’

We worked on the blend for a while, taking into account the coffees we’d had locally in order to create something a little more distinctive. Something that we are proud of, but that can also be enjoyed locally. This is where the ‘G78 Blend’ was created.

The ‘G78 Blend’; 

We explored and tested a variety of coffee blends with various roast levels and profiles. We felt we had discovered it. Blend#21, now known as the ‘G78 Blend,’ is a velvety, smooth, medium/dark roasted coffee blend that combines Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees. Ethically sourced and provided by Small Batch Roasting Supplies, this is a blend with low acidity and tasting notes of chocolate and nutty sweet flavours, we know it is perfect for a flat white!

Interested in trying our ‘G78 Blend’ at home? or are you a business owner? looking for a new Wholesale Coffee Blend Scotland provider, email us here!

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