Recipes and Serving Ideas for Cold Brew.

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Use our Coffee Subscription UK to make a cold brew at home in no time with our delectable recipes and serving tips from the Coffee Roasters Scotland team.


Ingredients (Remember to use your coffee subscription uk):

30g of Smugglers Blend (available in our coffee subscription).
40g of Water.
100g of ice.

Equipment: Filter papers, Carafe, Grinder, Scales, Timer


  1. Make a pour over brew by wetting a filter paper with hot water.
  2. 30g coffee, ground to a medium-fine grind, added to brewing device
    Fill the carafe with 100g ice.
  3. Place the brewer on top of the carafe.
  4. Tare scales to 0 and the timer begins.
  5. Add 50g of 92-96°C water to the coffee bed.
  6. After 30 seconds, carefully pour another 160g hot water in a circular motion over the coffee bed until the scales read 200g, aiming for a total contact duration of roughly 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  7. Swirl until all of the ice has melted and the liquid has become cooled.
    TIP:Adjust the grind size based on taste.

Nothing beats a refreshing iced filter coffee on a hot summer day! At Coffee Roasters Scotland, we utilise a process known as ‘Japanese-style iced pour over.’ It’s produced by pouring a strong pour-over coffee over ice. Brewing hot coffee directly onto ice cools and dilutes the brew at the same time. This results in a delectable cold filter coffee. We prefer this approach over ‘cold brew’ because it maintains more of the acidity and sweetness of the coffee.


For 1–2 hours after brewing, this coffee will taste fantastic straight from the fridge.

Because the ice melts and dilutes the brew, we brew the iced pour over a touch stronger than the ordinary pour over.

We like bright and fruity coffees for iced pour overs since they maintain the greatest acidity and sweetness when brewed over ice. We’ve discovered that the low temperature might lessen the flavour of coffee, therefore we recommend starting with a strong coffee.

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