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Micro Batch Coffee

Micro Batch Coffee lover, Raymond featured in the Barrhead News After establishing a coffee roasting business in Neilston, an entrepreneur is happily grinding out a living. Raymond Kerr first became acquainted with the popular brew while visiting his half-sister in Australia in 2012/13.
However, it was during one of his nightshifts in the security department at Silverburn Shopping Centre in May 2020 that he began to consider how he could break into the coffee industry.

Raymond, 31, decided to try his hand at roasting and eventually founded RamBeans, which sells freshly roasted and bagged-to-order micro-batch coffee.

“I was in Melbourne for three months and there’s a really big coffee culture there and I fell in love with it,” he told the Barrhead News. “My dream is to own my own coffee shop, but that hasn’t happened yet due to finances and other factors, so I thought I’d try coffee roasting.” “I did some reading and watched some videos about it before starting roasting in the house, trying it myself and giving it to friends and family.” “It was a learning curve, a totally new skill and, at that point, just a hobby but then people said I should try selling it.”

Micro Batch Coffee, Rambeans, Coffee Roasters Scotland Beans

Raymond, who has three young sons, uses the ‘Summer house’ at his parents’ home in Neilston to roast the beans.

Equipment there includes a drum roaster, with mum Susan and dad Raymond senior happy to support his enterprise, as well as his other half Jenn.
The most popular product is his taster selection pack, which contains beans from different origins.

Last year, Raymond fulfilled orders from as far afield as the Shetland Islands and London.

RamBeans coffee has also been enjoyed by singer Callum Beattie and 2021 World’s Strongest Man Tom Stoltman, who likes to kick off his day with a cup of joe, along with eight eggs, toast and veg.

As part of his lockdown sessions, musician and actor Tom Urie featured Raymond’s product at the beginning of his video for his rendition of Electric Light Orchestra hit Mr Blue Sky.

“I never expected it to be what it is now,” said Raymond, who lives in Cardonald. “My friend from Barrhead, Marc Jones, has been a great help. He organised the website for my 30th birthday.

“I still hope to open a coffee shop someday, but Marc and I recently purchased a horse box and are in the process of converting it.” We’re hoping to get that up and running this year so we can start our own coffee shop as a joint venture.

“We’re hoping to get an East Renfrewshire trader licence so we can do it in Neilston and Barrhead and be reactive to any events we want to attend.”

Also, have the summer house renovated and converted into a dedicated roastery.”

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