Speciality Single Origin Coffee Scotland

A Visit to Caribbean Goods, to talk all things Coffee!

Speciality Single Origin Coffee Scotland

Speciality Single Origin Coffee Scotland!

Meeting the owner of Carribean Goods.

Back in April, We had the pleasure of meeting Javier Gutiérrez Abril and his staff. You may be wondering who Javier is?

Javier is a Guatemalan gentleman who moved to Glasgow in 2017 to study finance at Strathclyde University.

While in Glasgow, Javier founded Caribbean Goods with the goal of educating people and giving the people of Guatemala a voice. This was also an opportunity to showcase their Speciality Single Origin Coffee Scotland and the United Kingdom.

According to Javier, his  mission, “I consider myself an activist working towards a greener and more educated world.” I believe I came to this world to make a positive difference in the lives of the people I meet. In the meantime, I am selling Caribbean-made goods.

The meeting outcome;

We were extremely fortunate to have spent time with Javier, who is a true coffee connoisseur. I thought I had a passion for coffee, but Javier is like a human dictionary for all things coffee, especially specialty coffee from Guatemela.

We received roasted samples as well as raw (green beans) of some of the amazing coffee he had in stock. This included Finca Medina, Coop Axola (100% female producers), Finca Rabanales, and Finca El Socorro (16 times COE winner).  Javier described the later as “the Real Madrid of Guatemalan Coffee.” Let us not get into football.

Who knows, maybe in the near future we will have some of this coffee in our store!

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