The Creation of our Smugglers Blend and History of Coffee in Scotland.

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The Creation of our Smugglers Blend and History of Coffee in Scotland.

Seeking inspiration for our blend we looked back at the history of coffee in Scotland. We wanted to create a blend that takes people on a journey, but a blend that is suitable for Wholesale Coffee Scotland and using in a home setting.

By the mid-seventeenth century, coffee had made its way to Scottish coastlines and was widely distributed throughout the United Kingdom. The wealthiest were the first to benefit from it, as with other imported commodities. Coffee, on the other hand, quickly became popular in Scotland. Visiting a coffee shop was one way for people (especially males) to purchase a cup. The first coffee cafe opened in London in 1652, then in Scotland in 1673.

Coffee arrived in Edinburgh via London via the port of Leith, where merchants working for the British (and Dutch) East India Company imported it. Although traders would have sourced their coffee from Yemen and the city of Mocha, which gave the drink its name at the time, trade routes to Scotland preferred to pass through ports in the Netherlands. Coffee was also sourced from Java, Indonesia, in the early 18th century, and afterwards from the West Indies. The fact that we still refer to coffee as ‘Mocha’ or ‘Java’ demonstrates how deeply its overseas roots have been incorporated into British culture. Source; National Trust Scotland.

The Smugglers Blend. 

We created the Smugglers Blend after learning about the history of coffee in Scotland and drawing inspiration from it, we have created a wonderful, distinct, yet moreish coffee blend with a combination of Southeast Asian coffee beans that will take your taste buds on a journey! Our coffee beans are all ethically sourced and of high quality provided by Small Batch Roasting Supplies.

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